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Lucie Jones

We are pleased to announce that Lucie Jones, our Trainee Solicitor in the Crime Department, is now an accredited police station representative!

The Police Station Representative Accreditation Scheme (PSRAS) comprises of three separate assessments. In order to become an accredited representative, all three assessments must be successfully completed.

Firstly, candidates must undertake a written exam which assesses understanding of the role of the police station advisor. A sound knowledge of criminal law is essential as the exam tests the law of various offences that you may encounter as a representative. You also need to have a working understanding of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE), as well as the Codes of Practice, which will also be heavily tested on the exam.

All candidates must also complete and submit a portfolio of cases involving attendance at the police station for interview. The first two reports involve you observing your supervisor giving advice, and the following two reports are cases where your supervisor has observed you advising your client. An additional five reports then need to be completed where you advise clients independently – which sounds a lot scarier than it actually is!

The final element of the PSARS is the Critical Incidents Test, which seems to be universally considered as the hardest element of the accreditation scheme. This is a role play assessment where you need to interact with all of the different characters you may encounter at the police station – such as your client, the officer in the case, the custody sergeant and so on. Not only does the assessment test your understanding of PACE, you are also examined on your ability to respond to any ethical issues that may arise, how you interact with your client and how well you stand your ground to act in your client’s best interests.

Lucie has been representing Woollcombe Yonge clients at the police station since September 2022 for ‘either way offences’ (offences that are triable in either the Magistrates Court or the Crown Court). Now that she is fully accredited, it means that she can represent clients who have requested the duty solicitor and can also advise clients in relation to any type of offence (including ‘indictable only’ offences which are triable only in the Crown Court).

Well done Lucie!

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