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Preparing for what might happen

Whether you require specialist advice on tax and protecting your assets or just wish to get your affairs in order, the experienced and friendly team at Woollcombe Yonge have got it covered.

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Writing and reviewing a Will Writing and reviewing a Will

Writing and reviewing a Will

Writing and reviewing a Will

Wills are possibly one of the most important documents of your life. They ensure that those closest to you are provided for and bring you peace of mind.

Woollcombe Yonge have a friendly and approachable specialist Wills team who are ready to help at any stage. Not only does a Will help with the smooth transition of assets after you’ve gone but getting a Will right can have a major impact on how little inheritance tax your beneficiaries have to pay.

Everyone should have a Will and even if you have one you should occasionally look to update or review that Will as circumstances change.

We offer a personalised Will writing service, not a templated approach favoured by others. If you want to talk to us about your Will, please contact us on 01752 660384.

Bequeathed Wills Bequeathed Wills

Bequeathed Wills

Bequeathed Wills

We understand that finding the time to make a will may cause you to put it off to another day. We also understand that you may wonder whether you really need to pay a solicitor to help you. What’s not in doubt is that making a will really is essential: without it, those you care about may not inherit in the way you expect them to.

Click through to the Bequeathed website

We are proud to be able to offer you a Will For Good. For free.

All we ask is that you consider a gift to charity in your will.

Simply visit our page on the website of Bequeathed (the fundraising organisation who run the scheme). Then select the option to make your Will For Good.

Once you have completed the online interview, we will invite you to become our client and arrange a free video appointment of up to 30 minutes. If more than 30 minutes is needed, we will agree a fee.

Then we’ll send you your Will For Good. And, once you have signed it in front of witnesses, we will store it securely for you, for free too.

Of course, if you are uncertain about your situation or it doesn’t cover everything relevant to you then please do contact us by telephone on 01752 660384 or email us and we’ll be delighted to handle the entire process for you.

Powers of Attorney Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney

Whilst you may take great care over managing your savings, your property and your business interests, there may come a time when you need some assistance.

Appointing an attorney will ensure that someone you have chosen can assist you or even take over managing your property and financial affairs at a time of ill health, frailty or losing your mental ability to manage them yourself.

You can even appoint an attorney to make decisions for you regarding your health and welfare.

The forms required and the procedure can be quite daunting to complete. We can guide you through these, explaining what attorneys can do discussing with you any guidance and instructions you wish to give them. We find that our plain English approach is incredibly helpful when discussing planning, whether it is for long-term care, Powers of Attorney, Court of Protection, Equity Release or Wills.

If you have a legal requirement, then please call us on 01752 660384.

When somebody close to you dies When somebody close to you dies

When somebody close to you dies

This is never an easy time but our professional and experienced approach at Woollcombe Yonge means that you will always be treated with warmth and sensitivity as we guide you through the probate and administration process.

When somebody close to you dies

Minimising tax liability Minimising tax liability

Minimising tax liability

Whilst death and taxes may be the two certainties in life we all face, nobody wishes to pay more tax than is necessary.

There are various allowances and exemptions available for inheritance tax and we can advise you on all of them to ensure the amounts received by your beneficiaries are maximised. After all, you will have worked hard to accumulate your estate and paid tax along the way.

If you need to talk to the team about a tax-related issue, please contact us on 01752 660 384

Minimising tax liability

Protecting your assets with trusts Protecting your assets with trusts

Protecting your assets with trusts

Trusts are a great way of protecting assets in a lot of different situations. Perhaps you need to provide for someone who is not capable of managing the money themselves. You wish to set up a fund to provide for future generations, or make sure your affairs are arranged in a tax efficient manner. A trust may be the answer to all of these. We are experienced not only in advising on what type of trust may be right or you but also their creation and management. Contact us on 01752 660384 to see if a trust is the solution you are looking for.

Protecting your assets with trusts

Using Court of Protection to help support you Using Court of Protection to help support you

Using Court of Protection to help support you

Using Court of Protection to help support you

The Court of Protection considers the affairs of those vulnerable in our society due to mental incapacity; whether this is due to brain injury, learning difficulty, dementia or other mental impairment.

If someone lacks the mental ability to manage their affairs and they have not set up a power of attorney then it may be necessary to apply to the Court of Protection to have someone appointed as the Deputy to ensure that bills can be paid, benefits received and decisions made concerning how their money is spent and invested. On occasions, Deputies can also be appointed to make decisions about someone’s personal welfare.

The application process can be lengthy and complicated. We are experienced not only in making such actions but also acting as professional Deputies and advising lay Deputies on their duties.

We can also assist with one-off applications to the Court, for example, to seek permission to sell a property, make gifts or to make what is known as a Statutory Will on behalf of the person lacking mental capacity.

Please call our specialist team on 01752 660364 to see how we can assist.


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