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In these difficult, stressful and unprecedented times, separation and divorce can become inevitable.  Couple’s circumstances are often made much more difficult by the fact that they are “trapped” in the same household whilst their relationship is deteriorating.

Due to government restrictions as a result of Covid-19, there is little, if any, face to face mediation taking place to support couples through their separation.

It is however possible to use online means to undertake mediation and at Woollcombe Yonge we are set up for this.  You do not therefore have to wait in order to start the mediation process.

The process starts with a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) that can take place by Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Facetime.

Once mediation has been assessed as suitable for your case, we can move to three-way face to face meetings via Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

We can help you reach agreements between you and your former partner in relation to the matters that are important to you and your family, including what will happen to the home, assets, what maintenance may be paid by one former partner to the other, and what time each of you will spend with the children.

We can assist in dealing with the changing circumstances due to Covid-19.

This can all now be done by video conferencing, or indeed if video is not possible, even by telephone.

Our mediator, Will Giles, is neutral and impartial.  The process is confidential and these principles will be respected by video or by telephone.

It may be that you are eligible for legal aid.   Mediation by video conferencing is available for parties who are eligible for legal aid.

The following rules apply to video conferencing/online mediation:


Neither the mediator nor any of the parties will create any electronic video or audio record of the meeting.

Neither the mediator nor the parties will make or allow any live or deferred video or audio relay of the mediation to others.

Only the participants to mediation and those who have signed the agreement to mediate will be present in the “room” used by each party and the mediator during any mediation session.

Mediation is voluntary and the mediator will continue to uphold throughout the principles of this voluntary participation, fairness and safety.

The mediator may suspend the online mediation where there are interruptions and the mediation can be restarted later.

Technology does not always work perfectly and there are often lost connections, poor audio or other interruptions.  We would therefore ask parties to bear with us in regard to technology issues should they arise.

It is possible to undertake shuttle mediation, should the parties not wish to see each other on screen.  We are already experienced in using shuttle mediation and creating separate “rooms” for participants online.   Through the online facilities, we also have access to screensharing, multiple screens and sharing of documentation that can be done in a confidential and safe way.


Please call Will Giles, our mediator, on 01752 827 912 or email him at wg@wysolicitors.co.uk for further information and a free initial discussion as to whether mediation would be a suitable way of hopefully resolving your issues.

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