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Jan Santillo

Jan Santillo

Family Clinics

We are excited to the set up of two brand new legal drop-in clinics within the community! We have a clinic with the Young People and Families Team at the Harbour Centre and Hamoaze House, and another with Barnardo’s Children Centres.

The family law team at Woollcombe Yonge have set up a free legal advice drop-in clinic for persons who use these services and require some advice, assistance, or guidance, in relation to family law issues.

The clinic at Hamouze House and the Harbour Centre will run on the first Monday of each month, starting THIS MONDAY, 4 November. The first clinic will be at Hamoaze House, and will alternate between the two venues each month. The clinic will run between 9am – 12 noon.

The Harbour Centre offers vital support to people in the community with alcohol and / or substance misuse issues. The service provides advice, information and care to prevent harm caused by substance misuse and offer community based treatment that will enable people to recover from their misuse of drugs and alcohol. The Harbour Centre is on Mutley Plain.

Hamoaze House provides rehabilitation facilities for people in the community affected by drugs and also offer support to families of persons affected by drug and/or alcohol misuse. Hamoaze House is in Devonport.

Find out more about Harbour here:

Find out more about Hamoaze House here:

The clinic at Barnardo’s will run on the first Wednesday of the month at ‘The Barn’ in Barne Barton, stating Wednesday 6 November. The clinic will run from 0930-1230.

Find out more about Barnardo’s here:

If you cannot make the drop-in, or have an urgent family law enquiry, do not hesitate to contact our family team who would be happy to help on 01752 827930.

Conveyancing client

"As a family we found the service provided to us was delivered with ’empathy’ and was in fact ‘outstanding’, we would most certainly recommend Woollcombe Yonge to friends.”