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Jan Santillo

Jan Santillo

A Day in the life of a Trainee Solicitor

Read our latest blog and get to know our Trainees a little better.

By Alicia Hopkins – Family Team


8.30: I arrive at the office after an early gym session and make my breakfast/coffee to start the day.

08:45: I log in and check my emails for any urgent matters that need to be dealt with. I reassess my ‘to do list’ for the day to ensure the more important matters are dealt with before close of play. I have found that doing this each morning has helped me stay organised during my first months as a trainee and allows me to manage the expectations of both my clients and my supervisors.

09:00: My day starts with a telephone appointment with an existing client to discuss legal aid matters following the conclusion of their case. I clarify the Legal Aid Agency’s current position and explain to the client how we propose to deal with the matter going forward. Since joining the family team, I have been continuously learning about the legal aid system and how it works in different types of cases (which is something I knew very little about in my previous seat)!

09:30: My supervising solicitor has asked me to prepare a court form on a divorce matter. This requires a detailed analysis of fees incurred by our firm so far which takes me a couple of hours! I finish drafting the form and send across to my supervisor for approval.

12:00: My colleague has asked me to assist with urgent preparations for a court hearing taking place in two days. I call the client to take their final instructions, which enables me to draft their position statement ready to serve on the court and other parties.

13:00: I pop out for lunch and catch up with some colleagues. Fresh air is a must after a busy morning!

14:00 – I begin preparations for a meeting in which I will be representing my client tomorrow afternoon. This involves a quick read of the most recent correspondence on the file and a short telephone appointment with my client to see what progress has been made made since the previous meeting. This also gives my client the opportunity to raise any concerns they would like me to address at the meeting.

14:30 – I have been asked to sit behind counsel and take detailed notes in a child arrangements hearing. As I predominantly work on public cases, it is great to get an understanding of how a private hearing is conducted. Sitting behind counsel allows me to gain invaluable courtroom experience and observe the communication skills of the advocate.

15:30 – The magistrates decide that further time is needed in order for them to reach a decision which gives me enough time for a quick tea break and to catch up on my emails.

16:15 – The court hearing resumes, and I record the court’s decision ready to pass on to my supervising solicitor.

16:30 – I spend the last part of my day completing smaller administrative tasks such as dealing with any notifications on the Legal Aid portal, filing all emails and updating my SRA training log.

17:00 – I quickly update my to do list ready for the next morning and head home.

Conveyancing client

"As a family we found the service provided to us was delivered with ’empathy’ and was in fact ‘outstanding’, we would most certainly recommend Woollcombe Yonge to friends.”