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Jan Santillo

Jan Santillo

Charity of the Year

Woollcombe Yonge LLP is, in equal measure, excited and privileged to announce our new charity of the year, the award-winning charity Trevi.

Trevi began as a charity in 1993 and they have made their mark on the lives of the many women who pass through their doors. Trevi was born from the desire of four Drug and Alcohol workers including the late Roma French, in Plymouth to create a unique environment for women and their children experiencing drug and alcohol misuse issues, to grow and create positive futures. A hugely important element is the trauma-informed approach that is carefully taken for each environment that is part of Trevi, to ensure a safe space for those who access their support.

For some, Trevi is a much needed second chance but for many, Trevi is the first chance at receiving genuine practical support in the community.

The services offered by Trevi are at three of their centres in the City:
1. Jasmine, Mother’s Recovery.
2. Sunflower, Women’s Centre.
3. Daffodil, Family Centre.
Anyone, professional or otherwise, involved in care proceedings, knows that the practical support, offered at Trevi, is an invaluable resource to the parents who require assistance in permanently improving their parenting capacity.

The Jasmine, Mother’s Recovery, focuses on helping mothers facing severe problems with addiction. During the 24-week course, each mother is provided with a structured recovery plan that centres around therapeutic care.

The significance of their success cannot be easily quantified as 98% of the women successfully detox and nearly 80% of the children, of the mother’s at Trevi, are able to stay with their families. On the ground, this means that children can lead and enjoy their lives in their family units, instead of foster placements.

Some may recall that Trevi was featured in the renowned BBC program ‘Panorama’ which intimately documented the issues facing mothers suffering with addiction and the innovative techniques, used by Trevi, to positively transform lives.

Sunflower, women’s centre, boasts equal success and is responsible for supporting 500 local women with complex needs, experience of trauma and abuse. As a result of the pivotal services, offered at sunflower, 75% of the women can move forward in their lives.

Sunflower also enjoys an embedded position in the community and offers a range of support services in Probation, Sexual health and Department of Work and Pensions. Trevi’s comprehensive approach enables the women, in their care, to work towards independence in their own lives and move on from their negative experiences.

The daffodil Family Centre offers focused assessment facilities for use in family proceedings. The daffodil centre provides a safe space for parents to learn safe parenting techniques and address any long-standing issues they may experience.

The rooms offered at the daffodil Family Centre are stocked with essentials, modern and clean enabling the parents to achieve the best outcomes for themselves and their children.

Woollcombe Yonge are looking forward to not only supporting Trevi in any way that we can, but also working together, over the coming year.

To find out more about this amazing charity, or to donate, please visit

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"As a family we found the service provided to us was delivered with ’empathy’ and was in fact ‘outstanding’, we would most certainly recommend Woollcombe Yonge to friends.”